Amazing Dance

Amazing Dance


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Dance Baby Dance is a high energy, exciting new dance program specific for primary school age children designed by Tasmanians for Tassie kids.

From kindergarten through to grade six, this program will excite kids and expose them to the vibrant world of DanceSport.

This is a fun and fast-paced program that not only introduces children to dance, but is also designed to teach the skills of social interaction in a non-threatening environment.

Dance Baby Dance covers many and varied areas vital to children’s development in their early education years.
Inclusion is one of the biggest issues facing children today. This program is specifically designed to tackle this head on using strategies like progressive dancing. Everyone gets to dance and interact with everyone else. There are no groups, and couples learn that success only comes when a partnership works together. DBD breaks down the barriers of “click” groups so often found in the school playground.