An Epic Wedding tale From Kerala

An Epic Wedding tale From Kerala


Framehunt is the best wedding candid photographers in India. Our wedding photography and cinematography are acclaimed across India. Its the unique style which makes framehunt the best wedding photographers. If you are looking for the best then its framehunt.

Framehunt is founded by theyoung, adept candid photographer Sujith Framehunt . According to him “every weddings are unique and to portrait those happy moments as it is … always priceless ” I just love that

We are experts in over sea wedding assignments . Our wedding movies are well known in and abroad

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Despite his passion for photography, Matt found himself in the position of having to get a job after high school. “It was the early 1990s. The photography work hadn’t really furthered my career at that point; I didn’t know the right people,” he says.
Matt got into the latest technology thing at the time, which was desktop publishing, publication design, and later, Web design. He pursued some freelancing, and worked at a small web development company in Berkeley, while also doing portraits for friends and still taking pictures while pursuing personal projects. He now feels that his work in graphic design ultimately helped his photo composition.