Serial Actress Nisha’s Living Together Relationship Brokenup

Serial Actress Nisha’s Living Together Relationship Brokenup


Nisha Sarang, the name might not be known to all but surely her face is familiar to all. Yes, she is an inseparable part of many films and thus has occupied a place in the heart of Malayali audiences. Nisha is married to a business man and they are blessed with two lovely daughters. The elder one has completed her graduation and the second one is currently undergoing her graduation. But still Nisha doesn’t look like the mother of two big children. When her daughters expressed their interest to take up the same field as their mother, Nisha explained very well the pros and cons of this industry so that they can make a final choice. Her elder daughter had reached the conclusion that she will take up acting only after getting married if she is able to maintain both her career life along with her personal life.

She did complete her studies from Sree Narayana College, Kollam. Nisha Sarang who hails from Ernakulam is seen happy always. In an interview she did say that she loves to be happy and because of that she forgets her troubles and hardships in life. She said that she is lucky that she can forget these easily. The actress also wants to see her audiences too happy always and she advises that being sad is not going to help anyone. Nisha who was only popular in the field of acting is now also familiar to our audiences through the cookery program Celebrity Kitchen Magic. Her fans are really enjoying the show and is motivating and encouraging her by trying out the delicious dishes prepared by her. Nisha and Anila Sreekumar were declared as the winners of the Celebrity Kitchen Magic Season 2.

Now reports are coming that Nisha broke her living together relationship.

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