Those Who Store Vegetables Please Watch This Video

Those Who Store Vegetables Please Watch This Video


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One of the challenges of eating a healthy diet is storing fresh fruit and vegetables. Fresh produce tends to lose nutrients and flavor, plus grow old or rot quickly if it is not stored properly in the fridge.

Here you will find how you can preserve fresh fruit and vegetables for the longest time possible without having to let it go to waste.

Refrigerators are designed for separate food storage. There are shelves and drawers, some designated for certain kinds of foods (i.e. a deli drawer).

The drawers made for fruits and vegetables are called the crisper drawers or humidity controlled drawers. They are usually larger than other fridge drawers to allow space and humid air around fruits and vegetables. There are controls for the humidity, allowing you to adjust according to what you keep in each drawer.

The drawer for vegetables should be kept at a higher humidity since vegetables dry out very quickly (ever leave a baby carrot out too long?). The drawer for fruits should be kept at a lower humidity.

For tips about how to use your refrigerator’s crisper drawers, refer to your refrigerator’s user manual. Many of these can be found online if you have misplaced your copy.